Possible Cause of Heartburn


What is heartburn? Heartburn is when the intestine, upper-chest, and mid-chest is bothered by pain or discomfort. Another word you may have found is GERD, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease. Wherein it can cause long-term cough, laryngitis, and swallowing problems due to the narrow esophagus. Visit trusted resource on how to cure or prevent heartburn. Below are some causes of heartburn.

Psychological Status

Heartburn can also be experienced with our psychological status, and these are the following:
The fist is maternity, second, hiatus hernia, third, aging and the last is, low stomach acid (Hypochlorhydria)

chest pain

Food Intake

These usually cause indigestion due to excessive acidification of the intestine, which leads to a decrease in intestinal burden. Although it is not chronic, it can be the cause if not eliminated. Some eating habits can also trigger premature heartburn due to excess stomach acid, just like the following: food, tea, cafe, and other caffeinated beverages, such as chocolate. Food remains in the intestine for a long time. Spicy food can also a root cause for heartburn to occur.


Another set of causes to consider heartburn is the lifestyle or on how do we manage ourselves. Here are some lifestyle-related reasons for heartburn: first, too much intake of food or continuous eating. After eating the right amount of food needed by our body, it needs time to be digested. Second, too much stress from the surroundings like at work or home. Third, wearing too tight clothes for our heart and blood vessels work efficiently, we must avoid wearing too tight clothes. Last is that tobacco digestion or the use of cigarettes.