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Tips to Improve Your Dunking Skill in Basketball

Tips to Improve Your Dunking Skill in Basketball

There are few things in sports more flashy than the usual monster dunk. If you’re 5’4″ and can jump across the gym roof, you probably won’t gain much from this review. Therefore, improving your vertical jump is essential to master the dunking skill. On the other hand, if you’re under six feet and have always wanted to knock one down, there’s no reason you can’t work towards that goal. Now, let’s take a look at three helpful tips to improve your dunking skill in basketball.

Tips to Improve Your Dunking Skill in Basketball

Do Strength Training

For many athletes, physical strength is a major limiting factor in their effort. It’s pretty simple: the stronger you are, the more effectively you can shift your weight over distance. In the first part of this post, Dr. Todd writes about a seven-week strength app he conducted with a high school basketball team. Over the long term, on average, each group member had improved their vertical jump by five inches. They worked out three times a week, just twenty minutes a day!

These exercises are great for gaining strength and muscle mass. Find a mentor or coach who can teach you how to do these exercises correctly. If you can find someone to help, you learn how to do the Olympic-style deadlift even better. The explosiveness and energy you get from the Olympic lift will translate directly into better athletic performance.

Drill Your Vertical Jump

Tips to Improve Your Dunking Skill in BasketballStrength training is the number one way to get your body in shape so you can get stronger and jump higher. If you’d love to dunk a basketball but don’t possess the faculties to do so, a fantastic strength program might be all you need to get to the top. However, there are a few different things you can do to maximize your vertical jump. Using the Plyometric technique is a great way to improve your vertical jump.

Skipping rope is one of the best exercises to improve your vertical jump. It allows you to develop foot quickness and endurance. Of course, it is great for cardiovascular conditioning. It also helps to maximize your vertical jump. Once you master it, you can combine it with double jumps, single-leg jumps and other variations. Continuous repetition of jumps will make your hamstrings weep, especially if you do the jump rope after hard strength training. Rope skipping is also a very basic type of Plyometric training technique.

Dedicate Yourself

If you work on your endurance and jumping skills, you will probably find that you get closer and closer to your goal each time you try to hit the basket. But what will you do when you get there? Hooping isn’t just about the ability to jump high enough. You also have to take care of the ball, and if you want to dunk in a game, you have to do it without moving. It usually means you have to practice.…